Bat Control and Removal Service
signs of bats guano droppings bat exterminator palm beach gardensbat removal attic trapping wildlife west palm beach port st lucie jupiter The first obvious signs of a bat infestation may be the presence of guano (bat droppings) or a musky unpleasant odor especially when rainy.Wherever the entry location, it is usually marked with dark staining of the surrounding areas. Bat bodies tend to be oily and may cause staining near the entry points over a period of time.  Scratching or chirping may also be heard in the walls/attic or under roofing tiles when bats are present. Since bat guano will build up quickly bat exclusions need to be preformed in a timely manner.Bat excrement can permanently damage insulation, tar paper, and plywood. In large quantities, bat guano may harbor insects and other unwanted pests. It has also been proven to promote certain respiratory diseases. 
Although some mammals can glide, bats are the only mammal that can truly fly.Bats are not blind, but in addition to sight have highly developed ultrasonic bio-sonar capabilities, referred to as "echolocation. The sonar ability allows them to navigate and locate food in total darkness. One bat can eat their body weight in insects each night consuming almost 3000 insects. Bats consume mostly night flying insects and love mosquitoes for this reason they are protected in the State of Florida. They are considered the number one form of mosquito control. Due to there protection bats can not be TRAPPED or handle directly unless they enter occupied living spaces. So in order to handle bat infestations properly and legally a bat exclusion must be performed. An exclusion is performed by sealing all entry/exit points on the structure and installing a "tunnel" allowing the bats to naturally leave but not re-enter. 
A Bat Problem in your  home can be a hazard to your health
Bats can actually be quite a beneficial animal. Their acquired tastes can often keep mosquitos and other bothersome insects at bay. Indeed, at first glance, bats appear to be quite skilled at pest management!
However, bats cease to become helpful, and start becoming pests themselves when they begin to plague your  home. Bats may seem relatively harmless, but they are actually on the rabies vector list. Therefore, extra care is needed to ensure that  bat infestations are properly resolved.
Rabies – A Diseases Spread by Bats And Bat Bites
At this point, the risk of being bitten by a rabid bat outweighs any potential benefit they may provide.
Rabies is the main disease associated with bats. Bats are one of the primary animals that transmit rabies. An exposure to rabies most commonly occurs from a bite from a bat or other wild animal. It can also be transmitted when the saliva from a rabid animal comes in contact with a person’s mouth, eyes, nose, or a fresh wound. 
A vaccine known as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can prevent infection. Once a person becomes infected and symptoms begin to occur, rabies is almost always fatal.
Be sure to protect your home from bats to prevent bites and disease.

Do you have Bat Droppings in Your  Attic?
Do you think you have a bat problem? Bats, which often take over a home’s attic, will leave droppings behind called guano. These dropping are often mistaken as evidence of mice or other rodents, but unlike rodent droppings, guano has a tendency to crumble. The bat guano may pose a health hazard if it comes into contact with a certain amount of moisture. It may grow the spores which cause histoplasmosis, a type of lung infection disease.
clusion can not be performed during mating season between April 15 and August 15. For more information on bats/protection please refer to http://m.myfwc.com/news/news-releases/2016/march/29/bat-season/

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