Bees/Wasps Removal Service

honey bee hive in tree port st lucie bee removal jupiter from treeBee infestations are becoming an increased concern due to large numbers of attacks on humans and pets(especially Port St. Lucie). Attacks normally happen by accidently stumbled upon bees while walking the dog, mowing the lawn, or intrusion into living spaces.. But understanding the differences and concerns is very important. There are many different types of "bees" in our area many people will encounter a few wasps making small hanging nest, yellow jacks constructing underground nest or honeybees flying in and out of buildings. Each type of bee/wasp is handled differently and vary greatly in habitat, behavior, numbers non of these situation should be handle by untrained personnel. All types of bees/wasp have the capability to attack when threatened some in very large numbers subsequently causing swelling, allergies, heart attack, or death to humans and pets alike.
honey beehive removal from attic boynton beach port st lucie
In Florida there are two common types of honey bees "apis" which produce honey and construct nest of wax European or Africanized. Honey bee are social creatures and live in colonies normally consisting of 20,000 plus bees. A colony will house one queen a few hundred male drones and the remaining are female workers(the ones you see buzzing outside). If left untouched a bee swarm which resulted from a nearby hive splitting will pick a location to move into and start "construction" building wax combs that will contain honey(food) and larvae "baby bee". One bee colony can produce 50 to 200 pounds of honey per year. This is why removing bees and there hive should be done quickly and effeciantly the first time around. It is never recommended to leave any hive inside of a structure especially if it has been present for more then 30 days. If the bees are removed and hives left behind it will result it insect/rodent infestations of all types, honey leakage down walls, in ceilings, rotting smells, and structure damage.We specialize in bee hive removal

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