Buzz Away Wildlife and Bee Removal 

 Buzz Away Wildlife and Bee Removal Services is a true family owned/operated company . We we're born into this industry being the third generation with 50+ years of experience behind us. 
             We offer  affordable, permanent solutions 
          * Rat Pest Control   *Trapper and Removal *
* Opossum pest and removal * Raccoon pest and removal*
* BAT Pest Control And removal services* Bee Control*
*Squirrel Removal and control* Snake Removal *

 Most animals can adapt very well to urban environments. Raccoons find shelter in attics, and armadillos  easily dig burrows under foundations. So when curious critters invade your living space "We're only a Buzz Away" and here to help.

 We will come to your home or office perform a Free evaluation provide an estimate to remove and prevent your target animal/bee clean the mess and repair the damage. We understand that our services are uncharted territory for most so we will explain the process to help each customer have a better understanding. 

If you have a wildlife issue don’t attempt to take care of it yourself wildlife control should be left to a professional. Buzz Away Wildlife and Bee Removal Services we have been trained not only to catch and control wildlife but to understand the dangers associated and left behind. Weather it's entry points/holes, chewed holes, scratching damage, feces, damage insulation. Wild animals can become very aggressive, and carry hosts of diseases that can be damaging or fatal to you, your children, and your pets. Leave all of your wildlife trapping and control problems to a  Buzz Away Wildlife and Bee Removal Services Tech
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